[VDL] Mule Contour Finish Palette


Brand VDL

- Highlighters / Bronzers 2 in 1. - Contour finish palette highlighting powder gives natural golw and shading powder creates refined contour that enhances the definition of face lines.

Size: 19g

[How to Use]

[ Highlighting powder ] Use cube brush set blusher and highlighter to control amount on palette and lightly apply to onto face. Gently apply on needed naturally (T-zone, top of the chin, and under eyes). [ Shading powder ] Ivory : Use right amount from palette with shading color 2,3 brush gently on needed areas. Use for eyebrows highlighter as well. Light brown : Apply on front of eyebrows and between nose gently. Deep brown : Brush gently from lower ears to center of the chin. can be used as eyebrows as well. Gray brown : Fill in between empty hair lines.

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