[too cool for school] Check Velvet Pore Pact


Brand too cool for school

[too cool for school] Check Velvet Pore Pact

Erase pores! Eraser pact!! Fluffy air powder makes sleek velvet skin. Control oily skin and hide pores, like blur function by photoshop

Clarity without any crumples even after multiple covers! Light like air!
- transparent color without covering
- Gorgeous as blurred on photoshop
-No crumples even after multiple covering

- The best pore blur effect by PERFECT color matching
- Soft color formation of 3; peach, green, and white
- Display of clear complexion on all skin types without white residues

Slim handy sized compact with a mirror and a puff


Softly pat it on the face on the last stage of the makeup after placing enough amount of the puff.
Enhances the makeup persistency by covering the pores and controlling the sebum.
Keep fluffy skin complexion whenever needed to control the sebum instead of oilpaper.

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