[too cool for school] ART CLASS BY RODIN

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Brand too cool for school

[too cool for school] ART CLASS BY RODIN

SIZE 9.5g

Too Cool for School??¢s Art Class by Rodin completes your 3-dimensional makeup with its full set of contouring colors. This shading powder allows you to sculpt your face??¢s bone structure to be able to create a more gorgeous look without looking matte and flat! This contouring powder is baked the Terracotta way, which makes it give off a more pigmented color and a much smoother texture compared to usual powders. Infused with organic ingredients, this powder not only gives you a beautiful makeup look but also nourishes your skin with its vitamin content.

How to use

After base makeup, use a contouring brush to shade your jawline, nose bridge and hairline to achieve a more dimensional makeup look.

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