[too cool for school] ANGEL HAND SPECIAL SET


Brand too cool for school

[too cool for school] ANGEL HAND SPECIAL SET

SIZE 40ml*6ea




Ã_Delicately shiny and soft hands like an angel. Caring roughened dead skin cells to be soft strong moisturizing to prevent dryness with 3 options :Ã_

Grapefruit: sweet and fresh grapefruit scent, make the healthy and fresh skin. Containing grapefruit peel extract.

Moringa: delicate and attractive Moringa scent, a miracle moisture tree. Containing moringa seed extract.

Sheabutter: soft and warm shea butter scent, liveliness to tired skin. Containing coconut oil.

How to use
Smooth a small amount of cream onto our hands everytime after washing hands or feelign driness on hands skin.

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