[TONYMOLY] Shimmer Jeweling Eyes



Wet provessing coating system enables every powder to fit smoothly. When blinking the eyes, remains shimmering by various lights for hours. Transparent and vivid color offers natural shade to create sophisticated eye make up. Blooming oil complex minimizes irrritation of the eyes and offeers moisturizing feeling.


#01 Gold Jeweling, #02 Coral Jeweling, #03 Pink Jeweling, #04 Beige Jeweling, #05 Peach Jeweling

Size: 2.7g

[How to Use]

Apply hilight color all over eye hole and under eye line thinly and evenly. Apply base color from the eyes to eye hole. Apply medium color to the center of eyes. Apply shade color from the head od eyes to double eyelid line and create shade from underneath and end of eyes to 1/3 point. Reapply hilight color to the center of eyes and upper pupil as well as uner eye line.

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