[TONYMOLY] Make HD Hair Straight Cream

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Curly hair straightening cream for shiny and silky hair.
For perm type or curly type hair for a silky straight cream
Does not flow down and can easily use by oneself
Sweet Citrus scent.
Most owners of curly or wavy hair dream of seeing their smooth and docile.
Bipolar means Hair straight cream will help in achieving the desired result, will provide high-quality smoothing and easy combing.
Protein and mineral components of soybeans and wheat enliven hair, give extra volume and camellia oil, olive and argan will give shine and directness.

How to Use:
Accurately diagnose the status of your hair before treatment,then shampoo and dry your hair with a towel.

    Apply the first product (perm product) on your hair while avoiding the scalp. Make sure to throughly apply the product 1~2 cm away from the roots. If you have tools like panels use them to fix the hair.
      Excessive brushing may damage the hair.
        The duration of the treatment varies depending on the level of hair damage.
          Wash off with lukewarm water after approzimately 20 minutes (damaged or colored hair :5~10 minutes/healthy hair :10~25 minutes),thes blow-dry with cold air.
            Thoroughly apply these cond product (neutralizingagent),and leave it in for 5`10 minutes before washing off with lukewarm water.
              Blow-dry with cold air to finish.
                If you leave the product in your hair for longer than the regulated time,or do not wash the product off, it may cause hair damage or discoloration.
                  Please read the treatment guidelines carefully before using the product.

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