[TONYMOLY] Make HD Hair Color Cream 40g +



Hair coating treatment with the angeling effect revitalizes your hair, making it shiny and smooth with a chic and sophisticated look.


#01 Black, #02 Dark Coffe Brown, #03 Purple Brown, #04 Red Wine, #05 Orange Brown, #06 Red Brown, #07 Natural Brown, #08 Blonde, #09 Olive Brown, #10 Sand Beige Brown

Size: 40g+80ml

[How to Use]

1. After shampoo, dry off with a towel so that your hair does not drip water. (Do not use rinse or treatment after shampoo.) 2. Wear vinyl gloves and gown before pumping out an adequate amount of the product. (Refer to the recommended quantity depending on the status of your hair.) 3. Apply the product onto the damp hair and wait for as long as your prefer,(5~15 minutes) 4. Rinse your hair thoroughly with water and dry.(Do not use shampoo, rinse or treatment)

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