[TONYMOLY] EYETONE Single Shadow Shimmer



Colorful shades for professional eye make-up. A blend of sebum controlling powder and coated powder for silky touch. Single tones in silky texture and neutral hues.


S01 blonde Sand, S02 Addict Slip, S03 Dressy Beige, S04 Latte Brown, S05 Deep Root, S06 Camouflage, S07 Misty Lilac, S08 Coralina, S09 Sunny Pop, S10 Spring Orange, S11 Pandora Peach, S12 Wild Rosy, S13 Deep Cashmere, S14 Spring Ash, S15 Mint Ade, S16 Black Stella, S17 Vodca Berry, S18 Girl's Burgundy

Size: 1.7g

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