[TONYMOLY] Double Needs Pang Pang Mascara Mighty Atom Edition



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TONYMOLY X MIGHTY ATOM = LIMITED EDITION This mascara and balloon brush provides big volume to your eyelashes.

How to use / 1. Place the brush closely to the base of your eyelashes and brush firmly upward in a zigzag motion. 2. Apply the mascara again using the thinner end of the brush to provide more volume. #01 Volume Pang: Big volume that lasts long with bold volume like wearing fake lashes without lump. Recommended to thin lashes with light color. #02 Curling Pang: High curling that lasts long in high and long like applying lash curling. Recommended to weak, thin and short lashes. #03 Long Long Lash: Long lash that 4mm of long fiber creates doll like eyes. Recommended to weak and thin lashes.

Net Weight: 12 g

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