[the SAEM] Urban Eco Harakeke Fresh Toner

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Brand the SAEM

[the SAEM] Urban Eco Harakeke Fresh Toner

Size: 180ml

Enriched with 92% Harakeke Extract from New Zealand for deep moisturizing skin. It also forms a protective barrier to prevent moisture loss, leaving skin hydrated, soft and supple. It absorbs into skin instantly to repair your skin and for better absorption of subsequent skincare products.

The Saem, mainly containing Harakeke Extract which has highly effective moisturizing and soothing ability in this Urban Eco Harakeke line. With adding a variety of herbal extracts to keep skin moisture to its maximum level. It is great for dry skin or sensitive skin due to weather change. Free of paraben, artificial colorant, mineral oil, animal ingredient & benzophenon.

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