[the SAEM] Urban Eco Harakeke Cream EX

$19.80 $17.82

Brand the SAEM

Paraben-free, artificial colorant-free, mineral oil-free, animal ingredient-free & benzophenon-free. It contains 81.5% of harakeke extract from New Zealand and 5% of glycerin with the addition of manuka honey and coconut oil. The cream is soft and could be absorbed very quickly, providing high moisturizing effect. It is tested that it instantly improves skin hydration by 55% where it sustains for 48hrs. Moreover, it supplies the skin with rich nutrients, helping the skin to improve its health. The manuka honey and coconut oil also provide brightening effect to the skin in addition to moisturizing effect.

Size: 60ml

[How to Use]

For the last stage in the skin care treatment, apply an appropriate amount to the skin, pat gently would ease better absorption.

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