[the SAEM] Snail Essential EX Wrinkle Solution Cream

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Brand the SAEM

It contains high concentration of snail mucin filtrate, ceramide and hyaluronic acid which help to repair cell damage and barrier, minimize visible lines and lack of firmless by supplying intense nutrition. Snail mucin filtrate has outstanding ability of hydration supply, wrinkle diminishment and collagen synthesis stimulation. Ceramide helps to repair the skin barrier and hyaluronic acid helps to retain the moisture which greatly enhance the moisturizing effect. The cream contains 50% snail essential extract together with the Royal peptide 22 which is extracted from the royal jelly. Royal peptide 22 contains 22 amino acids and all together help to strengthen skins natural protective barrier through deep tissue repair to bring more radiant, healthy and smooth skin. The royal peptide is strong in protecting cell damage from free radicals and one of the amino acid, Royal Peptide can bring 6 times strong antioxidation power than general peptide.

Size: 60ml

[How to Use]

Apply an appropriate amount to the skin evenly.

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