[the SAEM] Express Beauty Aqua Peel Cotton Swab Set(2ml x 3EA)


Brand the SAEM

[the SAEM] Express Beauty Aqua Peel Cotton Swab Set

Size: 2ml x 3EA

1 time intensive peeling care for rough and thick skin. One step easy peeling with no wash.

AHA(Lactic acid) + BHA(Salicylic acid) 9%

Use deep ocean water instead of water to give soothing effect without irritation.

Improve skin tone giving bright and clear skin texture. 6kind of marine complex gives moist skin.

[How to Use]

At night use first step of basic care. Hold tube and stick, break and pull out the cotton buds.

Avoid eyes and lip area, rub gently onto face and apply. After 5minutes let content absorb onto skin finish with skin care products.

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