[THE FACE SHOP] The Smim Radiance Collagen Cream

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[THE FACE SHOP] The Smim Radiance Collagen Cream

Size: 50ml

Radiance lift cream with Twice-Fermented Collagen and plant radiance ingredients adds dewy moisture and elasticity to skin.
??Radiance lifting cream brightens skin with Phyto-Radiance Complex and light reflective formula.
Radiance Collagen cream brightens skin with natural radiance substance and light reflective formula that deliver moisture deep into skin. This subtly shimmering soft pink cream moisturize and brighten skin as it melts on contact.
??Twice-Fermented Collagen increases elasticity.
The fine particles of Twice-Fermented Collagen help enhance elasticity and provide intense moisture.
* Phyto-Radiance Complex is a radiance-boosting plant ingredient derived from Mullein, a Mediterranean flower, and Tomato. It boosts radiance by absorbing and reflecting sunlight to give skin a healthy glow.
Formulated without 5 additives / parabens, synthetic fragrance, tar colorant, polyacrylamide, talc

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