[THE FACE SHOP] Mango Seed Heart Volume Radiance Face Oil

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A volume-boosting ; hydrating facial oil treatment. Enriched with natural mango seed extract to provide hydration for 48 hours. Replenishes skin with rich nutrients. Adds volume to face ; creates a lifted chin line. Applicable to hair, body, nails ; cuticles. Can be mixed with other skincare treatments for enhanced results. Unveils a smoother, plumper ; more radiant complexion.

Size: 40ml

[How to Use]

1. Apply skin used after the oil massage 2-3 drops away. Or dropped based oil 1-2 drops in the palm of your hand gently patting trim the final step to absorb. 2. You can use a variety of ways to the site can feel the dryness in addition to the face.

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