[Sulwhasoo] Herbal soap

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Brand Sulwhasoo

[Sulwhasoo] Herbal soap

Skin relaxing formula carefully made with high quality Korean herbal medicinal ingredients that have been carefully aged. Efficacy is optimized by harmonizing ingredients using Korean medicinal herbs. The harmony of Korean herbal medicinal ingredients, including Korean Red Ginseng, Small Solomons Seal, Chinese Peony, and Adhesive Rehmannia, leaves your skin clean and moist. 40 days of dedication provides special nourishment for your skin. Herbal Soap is made with a special 40-day aging process, giving you rich and nourishing bubbles that spread smoothly and help nurture youthful and clear skin. Revitalize your skin with deep cleansing and rich moisture. After cleansing, your skin will feel smooth, moist and relaxed.

Size: 2 EA

[How to Use]

Make lather with your palms like you're mixing the air and gently rub on your face. Rinse with lukewarm water and finish up by washing again with cold water.


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