[Sulwhasoo] Gentle Cleansing Oil

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Brand Sulwhasoo

[Sulwhasoo] Gentle Cleansing Oil

A mild cleansing oil that gently removes makeup and impurities with a refreshing texture. An essential first step for nurturing clear and healthy skin This gentle cleansing oil features the key ingredients of Coix Lacryma-Jobi seed, tangerine peel extract, and apricot kernel oil, which clear the skin and leave a brighter and healthier base. Delicate and smooth oil that cleanses quickly and gently The delicate action of the oil quickly and gently dissolves makeup effortlessly, without overstimulating the skin. Clean and refreshing finish This water-soluble cleansing oil removes makeup and buildup on the skin, leaving a clean and refreshing sensation.

Size: 200ml

[How to Use]

Pump the product 2~3 times, Apply all across the dry face and gently massage. Roll around the skin for about 20 seconds until foam dies down and then, wash the face with lukewarm water.

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