[SKINFOOD] Everyday Facial Mask Sheet



[SKINFOOD] Everyday Facial Mask Sheet

Size: 21g

A product that features elasticity and soft texture with good adhesion.

*Everyday Green Tea Facial Mask Sheet (for pure skin): A pure mask sheet containing green tea extract that helps soothe skin and provides cool moisture.

*Everyday Tomato Facial Mask Sheet (for white skin): A refreshing mask sheet containing tomato extract that makes skin smooth and clear.

__*Everyday Beauty Berry Facial Mask Sheet (for baby skin): A moist mask sheet containing blueberry extract that prevents and reduces skin damage.

__*Everyday Broccoli Facial Mask Sheet (for healthy skin): A moist mask sheet containing broccoli extract that makes skin healthy and radiant.

__*Everyday Super Nut Facial Mask Sheet (content: 22g) (for nourishing skin): A nourishing mask sheet containing 5 nut extracts that softens and moistens rough and dry skin.

*Lentil : a hydrating skin that contains lentil bean extract and moisturizes skin with fresh feeling. (Moisturizing skin)

*Orange : a hydrating skin that contains orange extract 420mg and provides moisture to skin to create crystal clear skin. (Moisturizing skin)

*Olive : It provides soft silky skin that you want to touch and contains olive extract 420mg and olive oil 1.05mg

*Yogurt : It provides moist and soft skin with creamy feeling and contains yogurt extract 420mg

*Quinoa : It moisturizes skin and changes rough dry skin to moist and silky skin with quinoa extract


How to Use:

Remove mask and tightly apply on skin according to the contours of your face. After about 10-15 minutes, remove the sheet and pat to absorb the remaining essence.


*Apply the remaining essence in the pouch on your neck and body

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