[SKINFOOD] Centellascar Ointment [Green Tea]

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[SKINFOOD] Centellascar Ointment [Green Tea]

Size: 20g

A spot ointment helps heal the wounds and care for scars quickly. Good to use on acnes, pimples, scars etc.

Contains no steroid, no antibiotic, no mineral oil, no synthetic color, and no alcohol.

It is spot ointment which titrated extract of Centella Asiatica helps heal the chapped and stimulated skin caused by severe dryness and care scars caused by skin troubles.

Tea tree oil, glycyrrhiza extract, and paeony root extract helps calm the irritated skin, and hyaluronic acid, green tea extracts, and vitamin B,C moisturizes skin.

Since it is absorbed quickly without any stickiness or heaviness, which can be found in common ointments, it can be applied even before make-up.

The whole family can also use it with an easy conscience as it does not contain steroid or antibiotic.

1.Excellent for soothing skin and healing scars

2.Soft texture with rapid absorption and no stickiness

3.No steroid, antibiotic, mineral oil, synthetic color, and alcochol

  • How To Use-
  • Apply moderate amount onto wounded areas 1~2 times a day.
  • Apply it after using emulsion/moisture cream, or after thorough cleansing.

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