[SKINFOOD] Beauty Recipe Tomato Soup Sleeping Pack



[SKINFOOD] Beauty Recipe Tomato Soup Sleeping Pack

Size: 88ml

Contains steamed milk and tomato extracts to wrap skin with moisture! A brightening sleeping pack for crystal clear skin


Crystal clear skin: It contains Korean tomato extract with pristine moisture to create crystal clear skin.


A gliding soft texture as if it were melting on your skin: It provides refreshing skin care without unpleasant stickiness with its soft texture, which clings to and melts on skin.


A beauty recipe from SKINFOOD that makes your skin more delightful!


Chef's bubbling soup recipe: Just like a gourmet soup made by a chef, carefully selected Korean tomatoes with SKINFOOD's secret sleeping pack recipe will soften and moisturize your skin.


Steamed radiance with moisture: The product uses steamed milk extract that is warmed to create moist and radiant skin as if your skin were steamed.

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