[SKIN FOOD] Vita Color Delicious Straw (Velvet)



[SKIN FOOD] Vita Color Delicious Straw (Velvet)

Size: 1g

An auto lip pencil that can be applied with a single touch, as lightly as a feather and as gently as a cotton fiber with a long-lasting vivid color like highly concentrated juice

1. A sweet, crisp, fresh and refreshing color as if it were soaked with the complete vividness of a highly concentrated juice
(Red color spectrum according to the red lip trend)
2. Vivid coloring with a single touch
3. Light and comfortable adhesion
Its light oil softly clings to lips and creates smooth lips without highlighting keratin
4. Rich and crisp color lasts for a long time with its silicon powder prescription!
5. Enables matte lips for the summer season with its semi-matte formula
6. An auto-type that can be used comfortably by twisting to get the amount needed
7. Contains vitamin E: Vitamin E acetate provides care for rough and dry lips?‹Â?/p>

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