[SKINFOOD] Premium Tomato Milky Face Pack

$15.65 $7.83


Make your skin shiny ; moist ; vital with Premium Tomato whitening Line! Healthy Tomato extract from Tomatoes which are grown in Starfarm is contained in this item. (***Starfarm : This is the authorized Korean Farm approved by Korean National Agricultural Products Quality Management Service, which produces quality agricultural products.) 1. Tomato Extract from well ripen tomatoes under the sun lights is included in this product. 2. Massage Pack which helps your skin to be clear ; bright without make up.

Size: 150ml

[How to Use]

After cleansing,apply on towe-dried face and gently massage. After massaging,leave it on your face for 3~5minutes.Rinse out with lukewarm water and pat with towel.

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