[Primera] Wild Peach Pore Treatment

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Brand Primera

A pore seed essence of which more than 91% is comprised of linseed extract and contains sebum adsorbing powder provides extra care for skin problems. Wild peach sprout extract (Prunus persica Batsch var. davidiana Max.) helps to tighten the skin, improving skin firmness and balancing the oil and moisture content to keep the skin shine-free. 91% undiluted linseed solution soothes irritated skin and fills it with moisture to give pure, clean skin. It quickly absorbs and effectively controls excess sebum, one of the major causes of skin trouble. Non-comedogenic tested

Size: 100ml

[How to Use]

Shake the product before use and place a small amount on the palm. Apply on the forehead, nose and around the mouth, working from inside out after using a skin toner and then gently dab on the skin to help it absorb.

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