[Primera] Walnut Body Scrub

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Brand Primera

A body scrub that reinforces damaged and dry skin barriers and provides rich nutrients and moisturizing energy with bilberry sprout extract while effectively removing dead skin with sugar and keeping the skin radiant and smooth with walnut powder. Bilberry sprout extract, which maximizes the moisturizing energy of bilberry, which is native to cold and dry regions, has excellent anti-oxidation effects to protect body skin that can easily turn rough and dry from harmful external environment and add healthy vitality. Sugar is not dissolved but remains intact in the product to provide the enjoyment of a sweet scrub while effectively removing dead skin cells. Walnut powder rich in lipid enables the skin to appear radiant and smooth. Sesame oil contains various anti-oxidants, unsaturated fatty acid and minerals and imparts rich moisturization to the skin.

Size: 200ml

[How to Use]

Dispense an adequate amount on the palm and massage onto the entire body except for the face. Rinse thoroughly with water after scrubbing. Use once or twice per week.

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