[Primera] Super Sprout Cream

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Brand Primera

The anti-aging cream creates healthier, livelier skin with the power from sprouts of super seeds. Contains Phyto-SproumTM to fortify the weakened skin to reinforce its transparency, elasticity, hydration, and vitality. Phyto-SproumTM : Activated germination substance with Super Black Seeds efficacies - primeras very own substance developed after years of life energy and concentrated nutrition of germination for healthy, lively skin. 5 efficacies of Phyto-Sproum: Corrects skin transparency. Fortifies skin rhythm, Fortifies skin barrier, Moisturization, Enhances skin texture. 3 changes in skin: Full of Phyto-SproumTM, which is known for its 5 efficacies ? get pure, healthy, lively skin with enhanced tone, elasticity, and moisture level than ever before. Skin Barrier SqualaneTM maintains the oil-moisture balance of skin and holds the active ingredients secured with the highly skin-friendly natural protective barrier. * Prescription of 100% natural originated ingredients that gently penetrate skin.* 4-Free System: Free of artificial fragrance, synthetic colorants, animal ingredients, and mineral oil. Dermatologist tested. Dual functional for whitening and wrinkle correction.

Size: 50ml

[How to Use]

Release an appropriate amount, spread evenly over face, and pat for penetration as a regular cream every morning and evening.

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