[Primera] Seed and Sprout Energy Mask Sugar Apple(20g*5pc)

$18.90 $11.83

Brand Primera

Sugar-apple seed extract is rich in natural cyclic peptides that enhance the skin's elasticity and firmness while Natural Cureplex TM containing sprout extracts calms irritated skin and restores vitality. Resilience Lift Skin Suppression Unbleached organic cotton sheet: the mask sheet is manufactured employing an eco-friendly, non-chlorine bleach construction method. As a result, the sheet is safer and considerably softer than bleached sheets. Natural Cureplex TM : Contains domestic, eco-friendly certified agricultural ingredients--black beans, black rice, houtturynia, and Artemisia Herb (mugwort); the extracts from the eco-certified ingredients deliver vigorous sprout energy directly to skin. Contains 100% natural citrus and fruity floral fragrances that balance and purify the mind when mask is applied.

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