[Primera] Scholar Tree Anti-oxidant Water


Brand Primera

Hydrating antioxidant toner creates a smooth protection film with a soft finish. Anti-oxidant Anti-aging 4-Free Contains abundant rutin from the scholar tree bud to deliver high antioxidant energy and prevent damage from active oxygen. It also protects skin from harmful environmental damage and prevents aging, leaving vigorously healthy skin. Black willow bark extracts improve the turnover action of the cornified layer of skin to maintain smooth skin tone. Araceae and the natural humectants konjac mannan from amorphophalus konjac's hypogeal stem give you elastic and moist skin. This includes rich, hydrating ingredients for an enriched texture that spreads smoothly, without a sticky residue, and leaves you with smoothly moisturized finish. Hypoallergenic/dermatologist tested This is 4FREE formula (artificial fragrance, synthetic colorants, animal-originated ingredients, mineral oil) product.

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