[Primera] Pure Hydrating Mist


Brand Primera

A hydrating mist that restores healthy vitality to the skin as sequoia sprouts, cotton and organic centaury extracts infuse pure moisture and soothe sensitive skin that easily turns dry and red. 6-free Extracts of sequoia sprouts, a worldrenowned tree for its extended lifespan, help energize skin metabolism to facilitate the skin's turn-over and stimulate skin vitality to impart vivacity. Organic centaury extracts soothe sensitive skin that easily turns red due to stress and excessive heat faced in daily life. Cotton extracts form a hydrating film on the skin to retain moisture inside the skin for an extended period and maintain moisturization protection. Hypoallergenic/dermatologist tested This is 6FREE formula (animal-originated ingredients, mineral oil, colorants, silicon, paraben, artificial fragrance) product.

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