[Primera] Pure Hydrating Ampoule (10mlx4)

$33.06 $28.10

Brand Primera

An ultra-hydrating ampoule that instantly recharges the skin with moisture and restores vigorous vivacity. Extracts of sequoia sprouts, a world-renowned tree for its extended lifespan, and opuntia coccinellifera fruit gently soothe skin irritated by pollutants from the external environment and restore healthy vitality to the skin. Highly enriched transparent texture full of moisture adheres to the skin smoothly. The moment it is applied, the moisture bursts and fully moisturizes dry skin. Hypoallergenic/dermatologist tested. This is 6FREE formula (animal-originated ingredients, mineral oil, colorants, silicon, paraben, artificial fragrance) product.

Size: 0mlx4

[How to Use]

Every morning and evening after applying a skin softener, pump 3~4 times and apply evenly to the face and neck. When the skin is in a sensitive condition, use immediately after washing the face.

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