[Primera] Organience Water

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Brand Primera

A toner that soothes and purifies the skin for clear and moisturized skin. Featuring outstanding anti-oxidation efficacy, germinated black beans protect the skin from oxidation stress and help the skin appear clear and fair. Houttuynia and artemisia vulgaris sprouts shield the skin from external irritation and boost the skins resistance to help it stay healthy while toning the skin texture to make it appear smooth. The skin appears clearer and more moisturized due to the mild exfoliation effects by acetyl glucosamine, a constituent of the human body. Hypoallergenic/dermatologist tested. This is 4FREE formula (paraben, mineral oil, synthetic colorants, artificial fragrance) product.

Size: 180ml

[How to Use]

After washing the face in the morning and evening, fully soak a cotton puff and apply evenly to the face by wiping in an outward direction.

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