[Primera] Moisture Body Wash

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Brand Primera

A moisturizing body wash containing bilberry sprouts, organic babassu oil and lavender floral water to protect the skins innate moisturizing film and cleanse the body skin gently. Bilberry sprout extract, which maximizes the moisturizing energy of bilberry growing wild in cold and dry regions, is rich in anthocyanin, which provides outstanding anti-oxidation effects. It protects the body skin from the harmful external environment and vitalizes the body skin, which can easily turn dry and rough. Organic babassu oil is a natural moisturizer used traditionally by the native people of South America. It spreads on the skin smoothly and is absorbed quickly to keep the body skin moisturized and smooth without any stickiness or sheen. It prevents the loss of moisture to keep the skin moisturized for an extended period. Organic lavender floral water hydrates dry and tired skin and provides soothing effects to skin tense from stress to restore a relaxed and moisturized condition.

Size: 250ml

[How to Use]

Pump three times (about 5 ml) on a slightly damp bath sponge or towel and lather fully. Massage onto the entire body and rinse thoroughly with water.

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