[Primera] Free & Free Soft Foam

$37.88 $34.09

Brand Primera

Soft foaming feminine cleanser, offering mild and refreshing cleansing with natural origin ingredients and calming effect from calendula. Natural surfactants form a soft light foam to completely cleanse and rinse off the discharge left on the virginal area to keep the secret zone clean. Oligolacto CareTMSystem controls pH-level to maintain women's skin in the best condition. Calendula extract soothes the delicate area of the skin, while mugwort sprout and lotus leaf extracts help keep the skin healthy. Natural essential oil fragrance helps remove bad smell and leaves a refreshing sensation. 5-free system: free of surfactant, paraben, mineral oil, colorant and synthetic fragrance

Size: 150ml

[How to Use]

Pump 2-3 times and cleanse your vaginal area with the foam. Rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water.

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