[Primera] Essential Massage Cream

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Brand Primera

A smooth massaging cream that keeps the skin moisturized and vitalized. Rich vitamins and minerals in sunflower sprout extracts vitalize the skin, while anti-oxidizing efficacy of sunflower seeds, which contain generous portions of tocopherol and carotenoids, protect the skin from harmful substances in the external environment and maintain moisturization for an extended period. Contains essential oil complex extracted from natural flowers and fruits, such as bergamot, mandarin, lavender and ylang-ylang, to improve blood circulation within the skin through massaging to brighten the complexion and relax the skin with a refreshing fragrance. A sheen-free formula with effective moisturization and adherence adheres gently to the skin for smooth massaging. It keeps the skin moisturized and vitalized to maintain radiance and firmness. Hypoallergenic/dermatologist tested.

Size: 250ml

[How to Use]

STEP 1 Dispense the cream in a diameter of 2 cm (a nickel-sized amount), rub on both hands and inhale the fragrance. STEP 2 Rub cream on the palms onto the cheeks, area around the eyes, forehead, nose and chin evenly, in this order. STEP 3 Using the fingertips, massage cheek area around the eyes forehead nose area around the lips cheek, in this order, by rolling as shown in the diagram. When massaging the area around the eyes, gently press the heads of both eyebrows to relieve fatigue in the skin around the eyes. STEP 4 Remove oiliness remaining on the skin surface by pressing lightly with a tissue. For a refreshing finish, wash the face lightly with water.

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