[Primera] Baby Relaxing Oil

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Brand Primera

Oil that contains 100% natural oil keeps baby skin soft and comfortable. Naturally sourced materials and the safe formula of the 7-Free System. Macadamia seed oil is not only highly effective for moisturization but also aids in boosting the skin barrier as it is rich in unsaturated fatty acid and vitamin E; organic olive oil, which protects the skin from harmful external environment by enhancing the function of the skins barrier with unsaturated fatty acid; and sunflower seed oil rich in vitamins A and E to sooth sensitive skin, Relaxing Oil keeps sensitive and delicate baby skin moisturized and comfortable. The surfactant-free formula assures safer use. Refreshing citrus (orange) woody fragrance from nature. A blend of citrus sweetness and refreshing herbs, including rosemary, peppermint, thyme and clove creates a natural fragrance for comfortable and refreshing use. This is 7FREE formula (synthetic colorants, artificial fragrance, paraben, mineral oil, animal-originated ingredients, imidazolidinyl urea, polyacrylamide ) product.

Size: 150ml

[How to Use]

When massaging babys dry skin or to moisturize the skin after a bath, dispense adequate amount (1~2 pumps) on the hand and apply gently to entire body and massage. For extra dry skin, apply Pure Lotion and finish with Relaxing Oil for richer moisturization.

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