[Primera] Aroma Body Scrub Wash

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Brand Primera

An aroma-enriched body scrub ; body wash with natural scrubbing beads to exfoliate and cleanse the body. 5-Free | Lemony Citrus | As the fresh lemon juice fills in the mouth, the fresh and tangy fragrance mixes with lemon grass, geranium, and bergamot to add fragrance and refresh your mind. 100% natural Torrey nucifera seeds, grape seed, and walnut shell powder effectively exfoliate the dead skin cells on the body for smooth, radiant skin. The cooling capsule with eucalyptus extracts, peppermint extracts, and menthol helps purify and soothe the skin. Contains bilberry sprout extracts with powerful antioxidants to fortify and revitalize the skin barriers that can easily become dry and rough.


Fresh Up, Keep Calm

Size: 230ml

[How to Use]

Release onto palm and massage onto wet body, avoiding the face area. After scrubbing and cleansing, rinse with water.

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