[Primera] Alpine Berry Watery Cream

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Brand Primera

A cream that provides rich hydration with alpine strawberry and aloe vera leaf extract while vitalizing the skin with papaya fruit extract containing vitamin C and keratinoid. Alpine strawberries growing wild in the highlands of Northern Europe and North America feature strong vitality that enables them to bud even in cold and barren environment. Their leaves are consumed as herbal tea. Rich in vitamin C, alpine strawberries nourish the skin and stimulate anti-oxidation effects to protect the skin. Aloe vera leaf extract has been used in ancient folk remedies even as far back as the 16th century B.C. It is nontoxic and highly effective in hydrating the skin to provide a healthy skin appearance. Papaya is an Indian tropical fruit. Vitamin C and keratinoid contained in the fruit help stimulate anti-oxidation effect and keep the skin vitalized for an extended period. Dermatologist tested.

Size: 50ml

[How to Use]

Every morning and evening, after applying a serum and an eye cream, dispense an adequate amount and apply evenly to the face and neck.

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