[PERIPERA] Peri's Tint Water AD



[Peripera] Peri's Tint Water AD No.1 Cherry Juice : Lucid red color exudes feminity as if your lips are colored with fresh cherries! No.2 Pink Juice : Girlish raspberry pink color that accentuates your loveliness. The vividness of color brightens and illuminates your complexion! No.3 Orange Juice : Orange color as if dyed with garden balsam. Win a man's heart with tender lips! No.4 Madarine Juice : Vivid mandarine color for a lively mood Saturate your lips with this exuverant color for a super fresh look No.5 Strawverry Juice : All girls' favorite pink! Be a lovely girl with this sweet strawberry juice color!


No.1 Cherry Juice, No.2 Pink Juice, No.3 Orange Juice, No.4 Mandarine Juice, No.5 Strawberry Juice

Size: 8ml

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