[Mizon] Vita Lemon Sparkling Powder x 14ea

$47.42 $42.68

Brand Mizon

[Mizon] Vita lemon sparkling powder

Size: (#1 12g / #2 17g) X 14ea

Renowned the world over for their flawlessly beautiful skin (as well as their extensive eight-to-ten step skin care rituals), South Korean women are constantly discovering ??and driving ??exciting new developments in the beauty industry. With some wonderful (and sometimes slightly weird) ingredients, Mizon??å¢s extensive (ever-growing) range is overflowing with phenomenal, skin-transformative extracts ??everything from bee venom to snail slime via egg white ??with astonishingly affordable price tags.


In a large bowl of sink filled with luke warm water, add pack #1 and wait until dissolved. Then add pack #2 and use the carbonated vita lemon water to pat and massage your skin. You can also submerge your skin into the water for 1-2 minutes and use as a water mask. Pat and dry remaining water on skin and continue with your daily skin care regimen. Recommended once a week.

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