[MISSHA] Signature Essence Cushion Intensive Cover SPF50+/ PA+++



Essence cushion magically conceals skin flaws and adds a smooth glow to the skin. : Platinum cover powder effectively fades blemishes, while the fermented collagen in the product softly envelops and firms the skin. : Rare ingredients such as fermented red ginseng water, black yeast, and fermented honey water provide vitality and nutrients to tired skin. : High refractive index ingredients such as rice bran oil and rice embryo oil add a radiant glow by reflecting light in all directions, and fermented pearl extract gives the skin a bright, shining finish.


#21, #23

Size: 14g

[How to Use]

Smear appropriate amount on a puff and apply evenly by patting lightly. Get a small amount and apply thoroughly for a lighter, smoother skin.

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