[MISSHA] Hot Burning Perfect Body Gel

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The Hot Burning Body Gel is a shaping and firming formula for a beautiful bodyline. It contains Ishige okamurae, Bitter Orange Extract, Green tea, Menthol, and Capsaicin ingredients to give a refreshing, cooling as well as a heating effect. The relieving and calming Gel gives care to areas with body fat and cellulite for a smoother skin surface. Massages and give tension to skin, and ultimately creates resilient and elastic skin. Bitter orange extract controls unnecessary moisture, and creates skin more smooth and sleek that once was uneven like orange peel. Missha Hot Burning Range: Remove cellulite and aged skin cells with Hot Burning Salt Body Scrub! Control uneven cellulite smooth with Hot Burning Body Gel! Design your body line while applying Hot Burning Body Patch on the areas you want to control intensively!

Size: 200ml

[How to Use]

Massage over body, applying more onto areas with extra fat or cellulite. TIPS: 1. Apply onto dry skin. 2. Exercising after application will give more effective results. 3. Skin may turn red after application. This is the ingredients working for the heating effect. 4. Exposure to hot water may cause skin irritation. Avoid for 1 hour after use. 5. Store in refrigerator before use for extra cooling effect during the summer time.

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