[Mamonde] Jasmine Cashmere Body Lotion


Brand Mamonde

Mamonde Launches Jasmine Cashmere Body Line-Relaxing body collection with the subtle scent of white jasmine. High moisturizing line with the texture of cashmere and the subtle scent of white jasmine. It has relaxing effects which relieve fatigue and tension along with providing a long-lasting, enchanting fragrance layering effect. From cream to oil-based, this multi-line is comprised of diverse products designed to meet differing skin needs. Once applied, it becomes transformed into oil in order to provide immediate moisture and nourishment to your skin along with the pleasing aroma of jasmine, while creating an oil-moisture barrier to maintain supple, elastic skin for long periods of time.

Size: 250ml

[How to Use]

After shower, apply using hands and massage gently.

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