[Mamonde] Floral Hydro Skin Softener


Brand Mamonde

Moisturizing and soothing skin softener that is deeply absorbed by the skin the moment it is applied with a refreshing sensation, moisturizing and soothing skin that become dehydrated from the heat. Mamonde new Floral Hydro line is a moisture storage line that broadens the scope of moisture care by adding skin toner, emulsion and mist to Floral Hydro Cream. With narcissus bulbs, which have an excellent moisture storage effect, as well as naturally extracted low molecular narcissus water. This means that the new line helps the skin to regain moisture lost from the hot summer weather and daily heat.

Size: 200ml

[How to Use]

Cleanse and dry the face. Apply toner to a cotton ball or pad and apply gently to face.

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