[Mamonde] AC Balance Spot Patch

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Brand Mamonde

[Mamonde] AC Balance Spot Patch

Size: 12ea

A transparent film type spot patch that calms areas of concern on the skin.

??With the transparent patches containing the ingredients, salicylic acid and willow herb, aid is given in calming and caring for areas of concern on the skin.

??With a natural transparent color, they cannot be seen even after sticking them on and it is possible to cover up any redness.

??They give protection from the outside environment and effectively take care of areas of concern on the skin.

How to use

1. After washing the face and in a dry state, remove a patch from the film and stick it onto the desired area. [Do not use things such as a lotion or cream on the area where sticking has taken place]

2. Stick and leave on as is for around 8~12 hours.

3. Remove the patch after time has passed.

4. Do not use repeatedly on the same area.

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