[LANEIGE] White Plus Renew Tone Up Corrector



- A whitening tone up corrector that protects your skin from UV rays for natural skin tone correction. - It is the dual-functional daily cream for whitening and sunscreen that leaves your skin brighter and more refined. - It is an all-in-one product for skincare + primer + volumizer - It is a whitening product that blocks melanin generation, transportation, and sedimentation, and applies MELACRUSHER___ technology to promote melanin self-decomposing to eliminate dullness - SPF 40 / PA+++ efficiently blocks UV rays and protects your skin from the sun - The subtle pink tone naturally corrects the skin tone for livelier and more radiant skin tone - The smooth stick-free texture applies lightly and stays supple * Functional sunscreen and whitening cosmetics * ** Effects: Helps with whitening, Protects your skin from UV rays (SPF 40 / PA+++) For all skin types / 50 ml How to Use 1. Spread an appropriate amount where whitening is needed. 2. Spread an appropriate amount where your skin is exposed to UV rays.

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