[LANEIGE] White Plus Renew Capsule Sleeping Pack (3ml*16ea)

$32.52 $29.27


Available in disposable packs containing the right amount of the packing material for each time of use. Offers the optimal ratio of brightening capsules and Hydrating-radiance gel cream. MelaCrusher technology that went into the making of this cream promotes the self-destruction of melanin pigments, keeping the skin always looking radiant and healthy.

Size: 3ml*16ea

[How to Use]

Apply twice a week as part of nightly skincare routine. Mix two textures well before layering them on face. Gently apply mixture to cheeks, forehead, nose, mouth, and neck, and pat with palms so that mixture gets absorbed well. Rinse off the next day morning with warm water. Recommended for use twice or three times a week. Make sure you use up the entire amount contained in each pack at once (16 packs provided in total). Apply on neck for brightening and hydrating effect as well.

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