[LANEIGE] Lucky Holiday Collection Lip & Eye Palette



Pure Radiant Shadow in O Pearl Pink and Burgundy, Intense Lip Gel, Gellike Nail Red and Water Decar stickers are fitted into one palette. SHINY ; DEEP EYES A holiday party is a perfect chance to try a glamorous makeup style that seems little too much on ordinary days! Sweep pink color with sparkling gold pearls over the eyelieds and create cat-eye makeup using Gel Liquid Liner to make your eyes look attractive and twinkle under colorful party lights. If you want to create an elegant and feminine look, apply burgundy color along the eyes and below the lash lines! SHIGLOSSY LIPS With a glossy lip gel, you can create a trendy look. Add Holiday Intense Lip Gel No.8 Maple Red to flawless skin to complete a feminine, chic look without any extra techniques while No.4 Custard Coral creates moisturized and sweet lips which is a perfect match for soft pink eye makeup infused with sparkling gold pearls.

Size: eyeshadow 2g*2, lip gel 4g*2, nail 9g, nail sticker 1ea

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