[Laneige] Lash-Fessional Mascara


Brand Laneige

[Laneige] Lash-Fessional Mascara

Size: 7g

"Dual Coiling Brush,“ curling and volume all at once

Curl up the eyelashes high and firm with the red, hard curling brushBlack, soft volume brush provides voluminous, clump-free coating to each eyelash

Wrapping Volume Formula“ provides air-light volume

The smooth, friction-free formula lengthens the eyelashes smoothly and makes them clump-free even after applying several times

ALL Proof, strong fixation!

Smudge-free, perfect eyelashes resistant to water, sebum, and sweat

As if having curled up each eyelash!

The shorter brush holder and water-droplet handle deliver power more effectively and provide an intricate effect










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