[LANEIGE] Snow BB Cream SPF41/PA++



Moisture essence type, triple function moisture BB Cream with Liquid Crystal Essence. - Moisture protective seal, Liquid Crystal Essence An essence type BB cream that fully delivers fresh moist and nourishing sensation to the skin right after application. Liquid Crystal Essence ingredient that has the similar struc-ture to the skin surface lipid which works as a natural skin barrier creates a skin moisturizing seal on the skin, keeping moisture locked in and staying long on the skin. - Smart and Advanced BB Cream Triple function of whitening, anti-wrinkle, and UV protection (SPF41, PA++), protecting skin from harmful environmental. [Skin Types] ALL SKIN

Size: 50ml

[How to Use]

Apply after basic skincare items. Take the proper amount and smooth it over the face star-ting from wide area outwardly and thinly spread over the eye and nose area. For the area requiring thicker coverage, apply it one more time.

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