[LANEIGE] Creamy Crystal Eyeliner Waterproof



Creamy gel eyeliner now comes in pencil form. A smart no-smudge, waterproof eyeliner with micro pearls. A innovative gel pencil eyeliner that combines the smooth texture of gel eyeliner and the convenience of an eye pencil. It draws smoothly and contains sophisticated micropearls to create beautiful eye lines for dramatic looks that sparkle. The waterproof formula prevents smudge and resists sweat and sebum. * Special sharpener included. [Skin Types] ALL SKIN

Size: 1.2g

[How to Use]

* Safety Suggestions 1. This product applies smoothly on sensitive skin but may break if you press it too hard. 2. Press lightly to smoothly fill in the under-eye lines. 3. It has a smooth gel-like texture, so use the sharpener very carefully. 4. Always replace cap after use. 5. If it gets into your eye, wash it off immediately. 6. Do not use when in a moving location. 7. If any skin abnormality appears, stop use immediately.

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