[LANEIGE] BB Cushion Anti-aging SPF50+ PA+++



Anti-aging care cushion BB with "Wrinkle care + Skin luster + Whitening + Perfect blemish coverage + UV protection + Cooling + Long-lasting effect 1. Anti-aging care for smooth , firm skin 2. Brings out a lustrous and clear skin tone 3. Strong UV protection effect function(SPF 50+, PA+++) 4. Cooling sensation refreshes tired skin. Tailor-made Puff : We can proudly say that there hasn't been anything like this before. The moisture in BB cream is effectively absorbed for higher skin affinity for a more natural and smoother skin expression. Tailor-made puff material : Air-cell dual textured puff is processed with a special technology. It holds nine times more water than its weight, for supple and glossy skin. Tailor-made puff thickness : It is slightly thinner than the synthetic rubber puff. Its soft center effectively absorbs BB and spreads it evenly on the skin. Tailor-made texture : Firm yet supple in texture, it conceals pores perfectly and gives the face a radiant and natural finish.


#13 True Beige, #21(Pink) Pink Beige, #21 Natural Beige, #23 Sand Beige

Size: 15g

[How to Use]

Apply onto puff and smooth along the texture of skin. Then, pat to increase adherence. Apply another layer to improve coverage. If there is no more content after you press the cushion with your finger, it means that the product is finished. Replace with a refill.





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